When will I return an investment on my waste water flow meter?

Date: 17/05/19 | In: Industrial Wastewater

As with all capital expenditure, securing a long-term return on investment is key to the longevity and success of any business. It’s no different with a waste water flow meter which is why many of our clients ask us that specific question: when will I return an investment on my waste water flow meter?

The response to this lies in the reason (and strategy!) for actually monitoring waste water flows in the first place. As we’ve stated in previous blog posts, the main purpose of measuring waste water flow is to ensure regulatory compliance as outlined in your trade effluent or consent license. Achieving compliance is, in turn, central to confirming correct billing by your respective water company and that you are adhering to the specifics of your consent license. If not, your company could face a substantial fine that could lead to irreversible damage to corporate reputation, operating capacity and finances.

It is also worth noting that, where relevant, waste water flow monitoring is often a key requirement for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

So, returning an investment on your waste water flow meter is much more complex than simply recouping your initial outlay over a set period of time. Investing in waste water flow meters and their associated infrastructure, including expert analysis of the data the meters generate, will have an expansive effect on your organisation; a positive effect undoubtedly!

Here are Detectronic, we work with a wide variety of companies, including industrial manufacturers and processors, across the globe to design and implement waste water flow monitoring according to a set budget. We often commence with a short-term flow survey project over a couple of months and, when clients see the intuitive reports from that survey, they immediately understand the multiple benefits that ongoing monitoring can deliver.

From confidently meeting every compliance requirement and assisting with billing, to gaining new insight into a particular process that can lead to cost AND efficiency savings, any waste water flow meter you commission will return an investment in numerous ways. In fact, you’ll probably ask yourself why you didn’t implement waste water flow monitoring sooner – let’s get started!

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