Helping Water Companies to manage their wastewater network by predicting what will happen next.

DetecAnalytics: Predictive Analytics

DetecAnalytics is an AI powered predictive analytics tool for wastewater networks. By providing accurate predictions and actionable insights 24 hours a day, DetecAnalytics enables water and sewage companies (WaSC’s) to make well informed decisions around the wastewater network.Detectronic flow and level monitors located strategically around the catchment collect flow and level data. That information is transmitted to DetecAnalytics; a secure, reliable cloud platform that displays the received information in easy to use dashboards and reports for analysis.

Using smart algorithms, real time data, historical data sets and information from other sources such as rainfall data are translated into actionable insights. Machine learning technology makes dry weather flow (DWF) predictions and uses the additional data to predict future flow and identify anomalies in the network.Detectronic data technicians review the data alongside the predictive analytics software to verify the alarm protocols. The additional human intervention helps detect any existing or temporary anomalies, seasonal variations and external influences. The combination of AI and human analysis makes DetecAnalytics truly unique.

Key features

24 Hr Real Time Reporting

Understand what is happening in your wastewater network at any time of day or night

Sewer Event Prediction Software

Algorithms predict future behaviour based on sewer conditions and weather patterns

Autonomous Anomaly Detection

Machine learning means anomaly detection continually improves throughout the programme

Complete Service Solution

We provide the monitoring equipment, the software and the analysis under one roof

2bn Historical Data Points

We’ve added data collected over the years to help the machine learning process

AI/Human Hybrid Analysis

Data technicians work alongside the software to verify the alarms and system performance

Why choose Detectronic?


Detectronic is the equipment manufacturer. We build, install and maintain the flow meters and level meters used within the sewer networks.


We have a proven predictive analytics technology platform in place. The system is tried, tested and used in water networks across the globe.


We have an in-house data centre team who check and verify the data and alarms during the machine learning stage


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