Case study: Detecting seawater infiltration

Date: 03/11/20 | In: Case Studies, Water Meters

Detectronic recently completed a project with a UK water company who were concerned with inflow and infiltration into their sewer network.

Infiltration is groundwater, or in this particular incidence, groundwater influenced by sea water, that enters the sewer networks. The water enters the networks through holes, breaks, joint failures or connection failures. Therefore, infiltration is an indication of the sewer networks condition.  Infiltration can potentially contribute to significant and unnecessary treatment costs. The additional water from infiltration sources reduces the sewer networks capacity. It can overwhelm the network during storm events and affect its capability to transport domestic and industrial wastewaters. Therfore, the more infiltration being registered during an I&I study,  the greater the need for a solution.

To understand how we undertook this challenge, you can read our latest case study here