How we can help you retain customers

Date: 14/04/21 | In: Blog, Channel

Alongside controlling costs and gaining competitive advantage, retaining customers is a business prerequisite. Yet despite this, many companies devote most of their resources to finding new business.

Growing a user or customer base is clearly important but that base will grow much faster if the number of clients dropping out the bottom means your company must run faster and faster just to stand still.

We recognise the benefits of customer retention as coming from the following;

  1. It’s cheaper than acquisition.
  2. Loyal customers are more profitable.
  3. Your brand will stand out from the crowd.
  4. You’ll earn more word of mouth referrals.
  5. Engaged customers provide more feedback.
  6. Customers will explore your brand.
  7. Loyal customers are more forgiving.
  8. Customers will welcome your marketing.

Solving problems

Today, businesses world-wide are recognising the need to have a customer-first, client-led approach for customer retention and future customer acquisition. For many, turning to technology to see what new products and services are available is part of this process and this is where we come in. Detectronic has its own research and development engineers that are constantly looking for ways to improve products and solve industry problems.  So if you’re looking to measure flow rates or liquid levels there’s a distinct probability our team have come across the same problem and have worked with our R&D team to find a solution.

If your customers are more industrial, you’ll know how important water quality is for pharmaceuticals, food processing and other industrial companies to function efficiently. Real time monitoring of parameters such as conductivity can alert operators to any harmful contamination. Final effluent monitoring allows operators to avoid regulatory fines and keeps the waterways safe.

Understanding your customers

What clients like and dislike about your products and services and what they are looking for from new applications places any organisation at an advantage. Being able to make current offerings more attractive and developing new products your customers actually want are fast tracks to increasing your revenue and customer retention.