Date: 22/08/23 | In: Press release

Detectronic today announce the MSFM MCERTS S2.5T flow meter following months of intensive testing as part of the MCERTS accreditation procedure. Using a combination of velocity, depth and temperature sensors to determine flow rates, the MSFM MCERTS 2.5T provides more accurate readings without drift and greater assurance for customers.

Featuring a 12V lithium-ion rechargeable battery, users can expect the battery to last in excess of 15 weeks when using a logging rate of 2 minutes. The lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and has a typical life expectancy of +5 years.

MCERTS is the Monitoring Certification Scheme of the Environment Agencies of England and Wales. Providing the framework for businesses and water companies to meet quality requirements; compliance with MCERTS gives the Environment Agency confidence in the monitoring of emissions and/or discharges into the environment.

MCERTS accredited monitoring equipment, loggers and software are required to ensure reliable and accurate monitoring compliance of a given site. MCERTS also mandates independent audits to ensure best practice is followed and all monitoring equipment and installations are appropriate to the site conditions.

“Directives for handling municipal wastewater require continuous monitoring of wastewater flow,” explains Neil Butler, Detectronic’s Managing Director. “Sewage Treatment Works are dependent on flow measurements to control plant operations. Incorrect flow measurements could influence the plant’s operation and lead to potential environmental or legal consequences. Likewise, businesses required to monitor trade effluent must comply with MCERTS if it is stated in their consent license.”

Continues Neil: “Making sure that you have the right monitor in place for your site is imperative. Our MSFM S2.5T MCERTS system delivers on all levels across a wide range of applications and offers complete peace of mind when it comes to compliance.”

 The MSFM 2.5T MCERTS doesn’t require weirs or flumes and automatically adapts to changes in production and intense weather that can affect the flow rates. When tidal water or groundwater infiltrates the sewer water, as well as the additional water volume, the change in the water temperature is detected by the integrated temperature sensor.

Next generation processing technology provides on-board flow calculation. This feature can be used to provide accurate flow proportional sampling. An alarm is triggered to send a pulse to an automatic water sampler once a predetermined volume of water has passed.

Data can be recorded between 1 minute and 1 day. Logged data is transmitted hourly, daily, weekly or monthly via 2G, NB-IoT, LTE-M1 at programmed intervals to DetecData, a user-friendly, multi-language, secure web portal which users can access anywhere at any time. It takes the data received from the MSFM S2.5T MCERTS and turns it into actionable information. 

Concludes Neil: “We’re excited to offer another great option to help customers stay compliant and keep an eye on their wastewater through continuous flow monitoring.”