Multi-site and large water users

Date: 07/01/20 | In: wastewater management

If you are operating a large business with lots of staff or one with multiple sites, you are likely to be a large water user. At Detectronic we have a range of services that are relevant to multi-site and large water users. These include:

Leak detection

Leaks aren’t always easily seen by a telltale puddle. Many leaks are hidden and they can end up costing businesses large sums of money if undetected. For example, a leak of 1m3 per hour could cost a business tens of thousands a year.

As such, we design and deliver leak detection surveys. If the leak is in the clean water supply or part of the manufacturing process, clamp on flow meters are used. We have other flow meters for different pipes and channels. Any leaks can be pinpointed enabling repairs with minimal disruption to your processes.

Bill verification

If you are a multi-site water user, each of your industrial and commercial premises that discharge wastewater in the form of trade effluent will require a discharge license. In order to gain a discharge license, detailed information on the trade effluent produced must be provided and included in an application to the respective Water and Sewerage Company (WaSC) and Environmental Agencies. More information on trade effluent licences can be found on the site

If you’re uncertain exactly what is in your trade effluent and the volume produced by each site, you could end up paying more than you should and potentially breaching the terms of the individual license which may result in a costly fine. Guessing simply isn’t an option! That’s why implementing short- or long-term monitoring of trade effluent is the only solution.

Our flow surveys will determine the volume of effluent your process requires which, in turn, can inform and verify your billing to ensure you’re not being overcharged.

Trade effluent monitoring

Compliance is key which is why we always recommend including monitoring final effluent water quality to ensure every obligation demanded by your trade effluent licence is met.

All trade effluent has to be treated at the local sewage treatment works and, in order to be treated correctly and effectively, the local WaSC must understand the contents of the effluent and expected volumes. All of this information will be outlined in your respective discharge license. A flow and load survey can monitor the flow rates and the content of the water. The ORAKEL has a variety of sensors to monitor different water quality parameters including COD and pH whilst also being to monitor flow in one system.

Some licenses specify MCERTS accredited equipment is used.  Where this is required, Detectronic has a range of MCERTS accredited flow meters.


Having equipment in place within the network or process is only the first step. To gather the most accurate and robust data, it is imperative that this equipment is installed properly and maintained regularly. Our expert site technician teams are highly experienced in this area and can carry out annual calibrations, sensor cleaning and battery changes amongst other tasks. Find out more about our Gold Scheme.

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